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Myths About Prowlers

  1. People who engage in voyeurism (peeping) are just harmless perverts. If I ignore them, they will eventually go away.
    TRUTH: Predatory behavior like voyeurism has the potential to escalate into more serious and violent behavior when fantasizing or observing isn’t enough.
  2. Police Officers are too busy and don’t need me to bother them with concerns of people looking in my windows, or my laundry being stolen, or if someone from the bar follows me home.
    TRUTH: While the police are busy, they need citizens to report suspicious behavior so they are better prepared to deal with the threat. They can’t protect you if you don’t report anything.

If you are followed home, if someone is looking in your windows, if your laundry is being stolen – REPORT IT!

Keep yourself, your home and your community safe – report suspicious persons and activity to Police so it can be investigated.

University of Waterloo Police Services: 519-888-4911

Waterloo Regional Police Service: 519-653-7700

Emergency: 911