Job Opportunity - Senior Facility Microscopist - QNFCF staff

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Quantum-Nano Core Fabrication and Characterization Facility (QNFCF) is seeking to recruit a Senior Facility Microscopist. 

The successful candidate will be responsible for operation and training on our newly installed JEM-F200 S/TEM system equipped with EDS and EELS spectrometers.  They will also play a key role in the operations of complimentary equipment for sample preparation including a ZEISS Auriga FIB-SEM system.

Electron microscopy resources under the responsibility of the Senior Facility Microscopist (including our new JEM-F200 S/TEM) represent an important new capability for the QNFCF lab and the University of Waterloo community.  These resources are installed in the Quantum Nano Centre building’s metrology suite on the concourse level of the building.  The metrology suite labs are purpose built for electron microscopy and other metrology resources and have exceptionally low levels of electrical and acoustic noise (meets VC-G criteria).

The Senior Facility Microscopist is a full time staff position with immediate access to all staff benefits including a defined benefit pension plan.

For more information please refer to the job description in the link below:

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