Inert Atmosphere Fabrication LabThe Inert Atmosphere Fabrication Lab (IAFL) is a 1200 ft2 lab facility located in the David Johnston Research and Technology Park at the RAC building. This facility has a dedicated chemistry lab and a custom-built glovebox system containing a complete fabrication suite. This system comprises multiple glovebox stations, each dedicated to an individual fabrication step, linked together via antechambers. The entire system is under an inert nitrogen environment and maintains less than 0.1 PPM level of oxygen. 

The equipment in this lab includes a thermal evaporator, reactive ion etcher and a JEOL IT-510 SEM with Nabity pattern generator enabling electron beam lithography. Additional to the standard fabrication toolset, there is a specialized 2D material assembly system and an AFM. These tools and more are all connected via interconnected gloveboxes enabling a complete fabrication process without ever leaving the inert environment of the glovebox.

Equipment list