Monday, October 2, 2023

TEM Lunch and Learn eventOn Friday September 29th The Quantum-Nano Fabrication and Characterization Facility (QNFCF) and the Quantum Colaboratory held a Lunch and Learn informational event to celebrate the launch of the QNFCF's new JEOL F200 S/TEM.  Dr. Sandra Gibson presented the imaging and spectroscopic capabilities of the new S/TEM system alongside some techniques for suitable sample preparation.

During this event QNFCF announced that the new JEOL F200 S/TEM was now available for both service and training access paths.  Previously the S/TEM was only available for limited service work on pre-prepared samples.  

Furthermore, QNFCF staff (lead by Dr. Greg Holloway) have gained sufficient experience with the Zeiss FIB/SEM to enable TEM lamellae fabrication via this important technique.  FIB/SEM work is being performed as a service (no user training available) and is accessible using the FIB Service Request form.

Lab members who are interested in accessing the S/TEM should use the TEM Service Requests form to submit the details of your sample and start a consultation with qualified QNFCF staff members.

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