Vendor:   Tresky
Model:     T-3000-FC3 die bonder
Purpose:  Bonding of semiconductor dies to packages or other dies

Equipment description:

The Tresky T-3000-FC3 die bonder enables bonding of semiconductor dies to packages through standard thermosonic bonding methods. 

The T-3000-FC3 is also capable of performing more complex “flip chip” type die bonding. 

A bonding force of up to 490 N (50 kg mass) may be applied at temperatures up to 400°C. An ultrasonic transducer may also be employed for the purposes of bonding (100 W at a static force of up to 340 N).

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System features and options:

  • Flip-chip assembly is equipped with a camera and a monitor. Flip-chip prism with an inbuilt mirror is capable of viewing two opposed pictures at the same time on the monitor.

  • Conventional microscope for viewing placements and alignments.

  • Quick heat stage has rapid heat up and is cooled using air jets. Quick heat stage is controlled through software with real time temperature viewing.

  • Programmable Z-drive with bond force control.