Vendor: Nordson EFD

Model: DR2203N robot with ULTIMUS I dispense controller

Purpose: Controlled dispensing of epoxies and other viscous liquids for packaging applications.

Equipment description:

The Nordson epoxy dispensing robot is a 3-axis robot unit that controls the placement of a pneumatically driven dispensing syringe. The robot features a 200 mm travel range and a teaching pendant for programming a movement recipe. Multiple different syringe barrel sizes and nozzles can be attached to the end of the robot to enable dispensing of a variety of materials. The dispense controller regulates pneumatic pressure and time to control the volume of material dispensed.

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System features and options:

  • 3 axis robot with 200 mm travel
  • Teaching pendant for simplified programming
  • Multiple available syringe barrel and nozzle sizes
  • ULTIMUS I dispense controller