Wire bonder: semi-automatic wedge [WESTBOND-wirebond2]

Vendor: West-Bond Inc.
Model: 4546E
Purpose: Used for making electrical contacts between semiconductor dies and packages

Equipment description:

The Westbond 4546E wirebonder is a semi-automatic wedge bond tool with microprocessor controllable motion in Z and Y axes. This tool uses ultrasonic energy to bond wire leads between wafer dies and contact pads of electronic packages. The 4546E is typically left configured for 1 mil (25 μm) Al wire (wedge bonding configuration).

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System features and options:

  • Convertible between 45° wedge and 90° (deep access) wedge bonding
  • Compatible with Al and Au wires from 0.7 mil to 2 mil in diameter for room temperature thermosonic bonding
  • Multiple heated workholders available
  • 5 W, 63 kHz transducer
  • Look down camera and screen for bond placement
  • Programmable bonding steps for repeatable wire profile control