Vendor: AJA International Inc.

Model: ATC Orion Series

Purpose: Physical vapour deposition of thin films via sputter deposition

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Equipment description:

The AJA sputter system comprises two deposition chambers which are joined by a common loadlock. Each deposition chamber is equipped with four magnetron sputter cathodes enabling thin film deposition of multiple different thin film materials. Sputter targets are changed weekly by staff upon request. The Phase II-J software interface allows for the creation and execution of complex multi-step deposition recipes. For more information about available processes, disallowed processes and currently installed material targets please consult the equipment wiki page.

System features and options:

  • Separate chambers for metal and dielectric deposition
  • Loadlock for quick loading
  • Quartz lamp substrate heating up to 800℃
  • Variable substrate height
  • Substrate sizes compatibility from small pieces up to 150 mm wafers.
  • Substrate biasing available for pre-cleaning
  • K-Space multi-beam optical sensor (MOS) in-situ stress monitoring
  • Refraction high energy electron diffraction (RHEED) from STAIB
  • Multiple DC and RF power supplies enabling co-sputtering
  • Available N2 and O2 gas injection for reactive depositions
  • Pumping by 800 L/s turbomolecular pump on each chamber
  • Downstream pressure control
  • Base pressure < 3x10-7 Torr