Spin Coat: E-Beam resist station [BREWER-Ebeamspinbake]

Vendor: Brewer Science

Model: Custom exhausted enclosure equipped with CEE 200X spinner and 1300X vacuum hotplate

Purpose: Spin coating of E-beam resist films

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Equipment description:

The Brewer E-beam resist spin coat station is intended for manual coating and baking of E-beam resist materials on substrates up to 200 mm in diameter. 

The coating module features ports for manual application of resists. The spin module incorporates programmable exhaust and the option to bleed N2 into the spin chamber manually. Maximum rotational speed is 12000 RPM. User defined spin recipes can be saved in the controller for later use.

The baking module is capable of programmed hard contact (vacuum), soft contact, or proximity baking modes at temperatures up to 300°C.