Vendor: Reynoldstech

Model: Custom

Purpose: Wafer clean via RCA chemistries

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Equipment description:

The Reynoldstech diffusion pre-clean wetbench is dedicated to performing RCA cleaning of bare silicon wafers prior to high temperature processing (thermal oxidation and low pressure chemical vapor deposition). This wetbench is equipped with two heated quartz tanks for the standard clean SC-1 and SC-2 solutions. Automated wafer rinsing is accomplished through a quick dump rinse (QDR)/cascade tank. This bench is also equipped with a sink and an aspirator for cleanup.

System features and options:

  • Deionized (DI) water and nitrogen spray guns
  • Temperature-controlled quartz baths
  • Cascade-type DI water rinse tanks
  • Sink
  • Adjacent automated spin rinser/dryers for post-process rinsing & drying of batches of up to 25 wafers at once