Vendor: Raith Nanofabrication

Model: RAITH150 Two 30kV Direct Write

Purpose: Patterning nanometer scale features via electron-beam lithography 

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Equipment description:

The Raith 150TWO features an extremely stable, high-resolution electron column with a thermal field-emission (Schottky) source. The system includes a high-resolution, 20 MHz high speed pattern generator combined with fast electrostatic beam blanking as well as a 6-inch laser-interferometer stage with one nanometer resolution and 20 mm Z range of travel. Users can vary acclerating voltage and aperture size to achieve a range of beams conditions suitable for patterning small features precisely or larger features more quickly. Authorized lab members have access to a GDSII pattern editor with integrated proximity correction software and a flexible, multi-user platform.

System features and options:

  • 20 MHz pattern generator with a 16 bit DAC.
  • ZEISS Gemini electron column with variable accelerating voltage up to 30 kV
  • 1 nm stage resolution / 150 mm travel
  • Field size: variable from 1 mm to 10 μm. Typically operated with 100 μm square or 200 μm square fields.
  • Available apertures:  120 μm, 60 μm, 30 μm, 20 μm, 10 μm, 7.5 μm.
  • Stitching error specification:  <40 nm stitching (200 μm field).
  • Automated height sensing
  • Fixed beam moving stage
  • 3Lith software package