Vendor: Intlvac

Model: Nanochrome II

Purpose: Physical vapour deposition of thin films via e-beam and resistive heating thermal evaporation.

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Equipment description:

The Intlvac Nanochrome II-UHV system is capable of e-beam and thermal evaporation in ultra high vacuum. There are four crucibles available for e-beam and one boat for thermal processing. An ion gun is installed on the system enabling pre-cleaning by Ar bombardment or ion beam assisted deposition. Ion beam assisted deposition is particularly useful for improving film qualities of high melting point materials. For more information about available processes and allowed materials please consult the equipment wiki page.

System features and options:

  • E-beam gun operating in the 6-10 kV range
  • Rotating e-beam source with four crucibles
  • Separate thermal evaporation source (via resistive heating)
  • Ion gun for assisted deposition
  • Heated chuck up to 775℃
  • Quartz heaters up to 400℃
  • High vacuum pumping by CTI-10 Cryopump with speed of 3000 L/s (air) and 9000 L/s water
  • Overnight (16hr pump down) base pressure of 1x10-7 Torr