Vendor: Angstrom Engineering

Model: Amod

Purpose:  physical vapour deposition of thin metal films via e-beam evaporation

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Equipment description:

The Angstrom Engineering Amod E-beam evaporator is capable of depositing a limited number of thin film materials using its 6-pocket electron beam source. This system is equipped with a large cryopump and many sample handling options, making it ideal for quick depositions, very low pressure depositions and multi-piece work. The Aeres computer interface enables automated pumping/venting and the construction of complex deposition recipes. For more information about available processes and disallowed processes please consult the equipment wiki page.

System features and options:

  • 10 kV - 600 mA e-beam gun
  • Rotating e-beam source with six crucibles
  • Variable height deposition stage with 150 mm sample area and heating up to 300℃
  • Optional:  "lift off dome" structure to hold 6x 100 mm samples
  • Primary and redundant quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) feedback
  • Advanced computer control of deposition parameters
  • High vacuum pumping by CTI-10 Cryopump with speed of 3000 L/s (air) and 9000 L/s (water)
  • System base pressure < 4x10-8 Torr