Vendor: Angstrom Engineering Inc.

Model: Nexdep system with glovebox

Purpose: Physical vapour deposition of thin films via thermal evaporation

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Equipment description:

The Angstrom Engineering thermal evaporator is capable of evaporating a limited number of materials using thermal evaporation. The primary purpose of this system is for depositing Au-Be contacts in to make reliable p-type contacts for III-V semiconductors. The system is installed in a negative pressure glovebox to contain any beryllium dust. For a comprehensive list of available processes and disallowed processes, please consult the equipment wiki page.

System features and options:

  • Four thermal evaporation sources (via resistive heating)
  • Pumping by 700 L/s turbopump
  • Substrate size compatibility from small pieces to 100 mm wafers
  • Automated substrate tilting stage with a range of ±70°
  • Base pressure of < 1x10-7 Torr
  • Processes Available: Au, AuBe, Ti