Reflectometer: thin film spot measurement [FILMETRICS-F40]

Vendor: Filmetrics

Model: Filmetrics F40 thin film reflectometer

Purpose: Measuring thin film thickness and optical characteristics

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Equipment description:

The Filmetrics F40 is able to determine thin-film characteristics by first measuring the amount of light reflected from the thin film over a range of wavelengths by measuring the reflectance spectrum of the film. This model is used in combination with a microscope camera to pinpoint precise areas of measurement on a patterned or unpatterned sample.

System Features:

  • Microscope objectives 4x, 10x and 40x.
  • Spot sizes of 62.5 µm, 25 µm and 6.25 µm (250 µm aperture)
  • Thickness range from 20 nm to 20 µm (stack and objective dependent)
  • Maximum substrate size: 100 mm wafer
  • Manual sample stage and microscope turret.
  • Adjustable intensity lightsource.