Vendor: AJA International Inc.

Model: ATC-2030-IM

Purpose: Etching of thin films via Ar ion milling

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Equipment description:

The AJA ion mill is designed for the physical etching of thin films via Ar ion bombardment. Any material can be etched with very low selectivity.This system is equipped with a Kaufman and Robinson 220 mm RF ion source capable of operation from 100-1200 V. The water-cooled sample holder is capable of accepting samples from small pieces up to 6″ in diameter and incorporates 0-90° tilting as well as rotation. It is also equipped with a Hiden Analytical secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS) probe to enable milling endpoint detection and a 2″ sputter gun to enable RF sputtering of a passivation material once the milling process is complete. The chamber base pressure should be better than 2e-7 Torr. For more information about available processes and disallowed processes, please consult the equipment wiki page.

System features and options:

  • Substrates up to 6″ in diameter
  • Water-cooled substrate holder with motorized rotation and 0-90° tilting
  • SIMS end-point detection
  • RF sputtering of passivation layer
  • Milling uniformity of SiO2 on Si better than ±3% over a 150 mm wafer