Vendor: LatticeGear

Model: LatticeAx 225

Purpose:  Manual cleaving of substrates

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Equipment description:

The LatticeAx 225 manual cleaving tool makes it easier to downsize crystalline or amorphous samples without scribing the surface or dicing. The diamond indenter makes a 10 μm wide, 2-3 μm deep and <1 mm long clean surface microline, a repeatable ‘weak point’ for sample cleaving and downsizing without the generation of particles. Careful calibriation of the indentation and cleaving force can be achieved in order to reliably produce clean 'mirror finish' flat edges, which are key to obtaining high quality crosssectional images of thin film structures using methods such as secondary electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy. 

System features:

  • Microscope camera and computer software
  • Optional stage vacuum
  • Calibrated force cleaving bar for samples >5 mm
  • Samples <1 mm can also be indented and cleaved by hand