Sample coater for scanning electron imaging [LEICA-coater]

Vendor: Leica Microsytems

Model: Leica EM ACE600

Purpose: Versatile high vacuum film deposition instrument for field-effect scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) applications

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Equipment description:

The Leica ACE600 sputter coater is dedicated to the deposition of thin films of iridium prior to SEM sample imaging. A thin (<10 nm) conductive film can greatly improve SEM image quality on certain samples where sample charging is an issue, without obscuring underlying surface features.

System features:

  • Can handle samples mounted on aluminum SEM stubs or unmounted samples up to a maximum 4″ diameter
  • Stage holder configured for 'pin-style' SEM stubs
  • Optional use of quartz crystal thickness monitor or timed deposition