Vendor: TYSTAR

Model: Tytan 4600 minifourstack horizontal furnace

Purpose: Low stress silicon nitride deposition via low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD)

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Equipment description

Tube #2 of the Tystar furnace stack is dedicated to growing stoichiometric or low stress Si3N4 by low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD). This tube is capable of processing up to 50 wafers with an upper temperature limit of 900°C. Uniformity for a stoichiometric 200 nm Si3N4 film should be 3% within wafer, 3% wafer to wafer, and 3% run to run. Uniformity for a 200 nm low stress Si3N4 film should be 5% within wafer, 10% wafer to wafer, and 5% run to run with a stress of approximately 300 MPa.

Commissioned processes:

  • Stoichiometric silicon nitride (Si3N4)
  • Low stress silicon nitride (Si-rich Si3N4)

Gases currently available on this system:

  • N2

  • NH3

  • SiH2Cl2

Additional information:

  • This system is configured to handle 100 mm wafers with typical thickness of 550 μm (approx).  Processes are not commissioned for other wafer sizes.
  • Photoresist-coated wafers are strictly prohibited since the system supports high temperature processes which are not compatible with photoresist films