Vendor: Plassys

Model: MEB 550 SL3-UHV

Purpose: Physical vapour deposition of aluminum via e-beam evaporation for Josephson junction fabrication

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Equipment description:

The Plassys MEB 550 SL3-UHV electron beam evaporator is a vacuum system designed specifically for the fabrication of aluminum Josephson junctions using the resist-bridge method. This system may also be used for other applications requiring ultra high purity aluminum films. This system is dedicated to the deposition of aluminum films. No other film types are permitted. Additional information about permitted processes and equipment manuals is available on the equipment wiki page.

System features and options:

  • Loadlock with available sample baking, UV-ozone descumming, and Ion beam etching
  • Deposition chamber with sample tilting for Josephson junction fabrication via resist shadow masking
  • Separate treatment chamber for in-situ oxidation (dynamic and static) and annealing of films
  • Telemark 6 kW power supply
  • UHV construction throughout
  • Sample baking up to 950℃ in oxidation/anneal chamber
  • High-vacuum pumping by CTI-10F cryopump with pumping speed of 3600 L/s (air) and 9500 L/s (water)
  • Deposition chamber with base pressure < 2x10-9 Torr