Vendor: Plassys Bestek

Model: MP700S

Purpose: Physical vapour deposition of superconducting films via sputter deposition

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Equipment description:

The Plassys MP700S sputter system is designed for and dedicated to the deposition of Nb, NbN and Ta thin films on 100 mm diameter and smaller samples. The system features two 150 mm sputter guns (one Nb and one Ta) with the option of introducing N2 gas for reactive sputtering. The system is load locked (turbopumped) for good vacuum integrity in the main chamber (cryopumped). Operation of the MP700S sputter system is performed through a PC interface. Recipes may be programmed into the Top32 software and a variety of system parameters can be logged and archived to ensure repeatability.

System features and options:

  • Two magnetron sputter cathodes with adjustable height
  • DC and RF power supplies available
  • Water cooled sample holder available
  • Heated sample holder available with capacity to heat up to 800℃ ±1℃
  • Heater temperature readout via laser pyrometer and thermocouple
  • Option to apply RF power to substrate for sample pre-cleaning
  • Option to introduce N2 to vacuum environment for reactive sputter deposition
  • High vacuum pumping via CTI 8F cryopump with pumping speed of 1500 L/s (air) and 4000 L/s (water)
  • Base pressure < 8x10-8 mbar