Vendor: Allwin21 Corp.

Model: AccuThermo AW 610

Purpose: Short duration, high-temperature processing of wafers and pieces

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Equipment description:

The AW610 rapid thermal processing (RTP) system uses high intensity visible radiation to heat single wafers for short process periods of time (typically 10 minutes or less) at precisely controlled temperatures (400°C-1200°C). The system is a cold wall quartz chamber in which the sample is heated via top and bottom arrays of high intensity halogen lamps. Temperature is maintained using closed-loop temperature control with sample temperature readback by a pyrometer or a thermocouple. Typical processes for this tool include metal-silicide formation, very thin thermal oxidation and relief of ion implantation damage. Permitted processes and materials as well as equipment manuals are available on the equipment wiki page.

Gases currently available on this system:

  • N2

  • O2

  • Ar

 System features and options:

  • Configured to handle 100 mm and 150 mm diameter Si wafers
  • Small pieces may be processed by placing on Si "carrier" wafer or using susceptor
  • Communal susceptor available for the processing of III-V and other exotic materials
  • Temperature feedback control via thermocouple (processes < 800°C) or pyrometer (processes > 800°C)

Note:  Photoresist-coated wafers are strictly prohibited since the system supports high temperature processes which are not compatible with photoresist films.