Vendor: Heidelberg Instruments

Model: MLA150 direct write UV lithography system

Purpose: Alignment and UV exposure of resist-coated wafers

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Equipment description:

The MLA150 is a high speed direct write lithography tool capable of exposing photo-sensitive resists. The ability to expose patterns directly without fabrication of a mask, allows for increased design flexibility, and shorter prototyping cycles. The tool is equipped with a pair of diode lasers operating at 405 nm and 375 nm, allowing exposure of a wide range of resist types. Topside and backside cameras allow for alignment to previously patterned features with high accuracy. The stage can accommodate pieces from 8 mm x 8 mm squares up to 9″ wafers. The MLA software offers a number of exposure modes, pattern manipulation, and distortion compensation.

System features and options:

  • Dual light source: 405 nm laser (broadband resists), 375 nm laser (i-line resists)
  • Backside alignment
  • Alignment accuracy: 0.5 μm (front side alignment), 1.0 μm (back side alignment)
  • Minimum substrate size = 8 mm x 8 mm square
  • Maximum pattern area = 150 mm x 150 mm
  • Two different write speeds: high quality (down to 1 μm resolution) and high speed (~2.5 times faster)