Vendor: Bruker (previously Veeco)

Model: Vecco Dektak 150

Purpose: Stylus-based scanning system for measuring surface topography and thin film step heights

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Equipment description:

The Dektak® 150 stylus surface profiler is an advanced thin and thick film step height measurement tool capable of measuring steps in the nanometer range. It accomodates samples up to 200 mm in diameter and up to 90 mm thick. You can use the Dektak 150 to profile surface topography and waviness, as well as to measure surface roughness.

System features:

  • Standard stylus with 2.5 μm tip
  • Two-axis, manual sample-positioning stage with 101.6 x 101.6 mm of X-Y translation
  •  Manual stage leveling and rotation
  • Two-point programmable or cursor software leveling
  • Samples up to 90 mm (3.54″) thick
  • Long scans of 55 mm (2.16″)
  • Acrylic environmental enclosure