Vendor: SÜSS MicroTec

Model: SB6 GEN2 wafer bonder with 550℃ heating option

Purpose: Permanent bonding of two blank or patterned substrates

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Equipment description:

The SB6 is a semi-automated wafer bonder capable of executing a variety of different wafer bonding processes. The SB6 system may be used with the SÜSS BA6 aligner to enable alignment of substrates prior to the bonding process. System is equipped with bonding fixtures enabling bonding of 100 mm wafers, 3″ wafers and smaller substrates.

System features and options:

  • 20 kN maximum tool force

  • Turbopumped process chamber (achievable pressure < 5x10-5 mbar)

  • 150 mm bond head with maximum temperature of 550℃
  • Closed fixture
  • Anodic bonding power supply up to 2000 V
  • Compatible bonding process types:
    • Adhesive
    • Anodic (3″ and 100 mm wafers only)
    • Eutectic
    • Fusion
    • Glass frit
  • Compatible substrate tooling (bonder):
    • 100 mm wafers
    • 3″ wafers and small pieces
  • Bond chucks available for pre-bond alignment on SÜSS BA6 aligner:
    • 100 mm wafers
    • 3″ wafers and small pieces