Vendor:   West-Bond Inc.
Model:     7476E
Purpose:  Used for making electrical contacts between semiconductor dies and packages

Equipment description:

The Westbond 7476E wirebonder is a manual wirebonding tool designed to make electrical interconnects between integrated circuit packages and integrated circuit dies. This tool is capable of doing standard 45° wedge bonding and 90° wedge bonding (deep access). The tool is optimized for Au or Al wires with a 25 μm (0.001”) diameter. Other wires or dimensions may or may not be suitable, please consult with fab staff on these matters.

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System features and options:

  • 45° wedge and 90° (deep access) wedge configurations
  • Compatible with Al and Au wires from 0.7 mil to 2 mil in diameter for room temperature thermosonic bonding
  • 4 W 63 kHz ultrasonic transducer
  • Manual control available via 8:1 reduction ratio micromanipulator arm