Vendor: J.A. Woollam Co.

Model: Woollam M-2000 Model DI 

Purpose: Non-destructive optical characterization of thin films

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Equipment description:

The Woollam M-2000DI unit is a versatile and powerful variable-angle spectroscopic ellipsometer (VASE) designed for the ex-situ optical characterization of patterned and unpatterned thin films. The VASE technique collects polarization-dependent reflected intensities at variable angles over a wide wavelength range (193 nm to 1690 nm) to extract common ellipsometric parameters (e.g. Ѱ, ∆). This data can be modeled in the CompleteEase software package to obtain thin film thickness, refractive index and absorption properties with high accuracy and sub-nanometer precision.

System features:

  • Automated goniometer (45°-90° range)
  • Automated alignment
  • Motorized 150 mm X-Y translation stage enables mapping of large samples
  • Focusing optics and camera attachment are available for the measurement of patterned regions on a sample
  • Transmission mount can be optionally attached for measurement of thin films on transparent substrates