RAC2 1st Nano low pressure chemical vapor deposition [1stNANO-SINW-R2]

Vendor:   First Nano

Model:     Easytube 3000
Purpose:  Growth of Silicon nanowires via low pressure chemical vapor deposition

Equipment description:

The First Nano LPCVD is capable of Silicon nanowires (SiNWs) high temperature reaction with suitable catalyst particles.  The system is capable of processing one sample up to 50 mm in diameter. The system is comprosed of a quartz tube chamber within a 3-zone furnace. Maximum process temperature is 1100℃.

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Gases currently available:

  • N2
  • He
  • HCl
  • SiH4
  • H2

Additional Information:

This system is capable of operating at temperatures up to 1100℃. Uncleaned samples and samples with polymeric films are strictly prohibited.  All materials going into this system should specifically be listed in the authorized materials page.