RAC2 Angstrom low pressure chemical vapor deposition [ANGSTROM-LPCVD-R2]

Vendor:   Angstrom Engineering

Model:     LPCVD
Purpose:  Growth of carbon nanotubes via low prressure chemical vapor deposition

Equipment description:

The Angstrom Engineering LPCVD is capable of growing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene via high temperature reaction with suitable catalyst films/particles.  The system is capable of processing one sample up to 150 mm in diameter. The system is comprosed of a 8″ diamater quartz tube chamber within a 3-zone furnace. Maximum process temperature is 1100℃ and there is a "rapid cool" option to shorten run time. Vacuum for the system is provided by a 8400 L/min dry roughing pump. Downstream pressure control enables stable process pressures from 10 mTorr to 500 Torr.

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Gases currently available:

  • N2
  • Ar
  • CH4
  • H2

Additional Information:

This system is capable of operating at temperatures up to 1100℃. Uncleaned samples and samples with polymeric films are strictly prohibited.  All materials going into this system should specifically be listed in the authorized materials page.