University Records Management

University records are the recorded information, in any format or medium, created or received and used by the University and its employees in University administrative activities and processes, which also document these activities and processes. Management of the University's records is governed by Policy 46 - Information Management, and its principles and practices.

The University Records Management program provides the framework for classifying and managing records to help the University meet its statutory, regulatory and accountability obligations, preserve its corporate memory, and maintain access to the information needed to achieve the University's strategic goals.

The University Records Manager is available to assist all University employees in implementing this framework and thereby meet their responsibilities, described in Policy 46, as stewards and custodians of the University's records.

  1. June 4, 2020Updated information collections management draft retention schedule

    IM60 – Information Collections Management has been revised to more clearly describe records of the management and use of collections of proprietary information, governed by contracts/agreements with owners of IP rights for the information.

  2. May 25, 2020Records retention schedule format change is now complete

    WatClass Updates for 2020: All University records retention schedules have now been converted from Adobe Acrobat PDF files to regular web-pages, to facilitate accessibility and future updates.

    Some obsolete wording and terminology in the retention schedules has been updated during this process, but there are no changes to the retention of records.

  3. Apr. 16, 2020Updated retention schedule for course management records

    TL38 - Online Courses has been updated to correctly identify the units responsible for records, and to note the University's right under Policy 73 – Intellectual Property Rights to retain copies of materials for re-use in other teaching and research activities. There is no change to the retention of records.

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