Records relating to human resources administration within the university

Please Note
For cases where the successful applicant for a University position is a foreign national (i.e., neither a Canadian citizen nor a Permanent Resident), the retention rules in the WatClass "Appointments" and "Employment Files" retention schedules are no longer accurate. This is due to changes in the Government of Canada's requirements for retaining records that demonstrate our compliance with regulations for employing foreign nationals.
Please contact the University Records Manager for further information and assistance with these cases.

HR05 - Human Resources Management System (PDF)

​Appointments and Recruitment

HR07 - Appointments (Academic Administrative Officers) (PDF)

HR08 - Appointments (non-regular) (PDF)

HR10 - Appointments (Regular Faculty) (PDF)

HR12 - Appointments (Regular Staff) (PDF)

HR15 - Recruitment Authorization (PDF)

​Employment History

HR18 - Awards and Recognition (PDF)

HR20 - Employment Files (Other Faculty) (PDF)

HR22 - Employment Files (Regular Faculty) (PDF)

HR24 - Employment Files (Regular Staff) (PDF)

HR26 - Employment Files (Research/Teaching Assistants, Postdoctoral Fellows) (PDF)

HR28 - Employment Files (Temporary/Casual Staff) (PDF)

HR36 - Performance Appraisal (Staff) (PDF)

HR38 - Tenure and Promotion (PDF)

​Employment Relations

HR40 - Employee Group Agreements (PDF)

HR43 - Discipline (Faculty) Case Files (PDF)

HR45 - Discipline (Staff) Case Files (PDF)

HR48 - Dispute Resolution and Grievances (PDF)

​Pay, Pension, and Benefits

HR50 - Benefit Plan Management (PDF)

HR52 - Employment Files (Financial) (PDF)

HR54 - Pay Increase Advice (PDF)

HR55 - Pay Scales (PDF)

HR57 - Pay Statements (PDF)

HR60 - Payroll Authorizations (PDF)

HR62 - Payroll Distribution Reports (PDF)

HR64 - Payroll Information Returns (PDF)

HR68 - Pension Administration System (PDF)

HR70 - Pension Beneficiary Files (PDF)

HR72 - Pension Cards (PDF)

HR74 - Pension Plan Management (PDF)

HR78 - Sick Leave and Long-term Disability Files (PDF)

HR80 - UHIP Applications (PDF)

HR82 - Vacation Records (PDF)

​Position Management

HR84 - Employment / Pay Equity (PDF)

HR86 - Position Description and Classification (PDF)

HR87 - Position Reclassification Case Files