Health, Safety, and Security

Records of services & programs to ensure the well-being of the University community.

WatClass is being updated. Please review the simplified records classification & draft retention schedules for Health, Safety, & Security on this page: Updated Records Classes & Retention Schedules (Drafts).

Contact the University Records Manager if you have any questions or comments.

Conflict Management & Human Rights

HS04 - Conflict & Unethical Behaviour Case Files

HS05 - Conflict, Unethical Behaviour, & Human Rights Consultations

HS07 - Human Rights Complaint Files

HS10 - Persons with Disabilities Clients Files

Emergency/Safety Preparedness

HS12 - Emergency/Safety Plans & Programs

Fire Safety

HS14 - Fire Drills

HS15 - Fire Incidents & Inspections

Hazardous Waste

HS16 - Biomedical Waste Treatment

HS17 - Hazardous Waste Disposal

HS19 - PCB Storage/Disposal


HS20 - Athlete Therapy Files

HS22 - Counselling & Psychotherapy Client Files

HS24 - Medical Charts

HS25 - Occupational Health Charts

Lab Safety

HS30 - Biosafety Permits

HS32 - Laser Permits

HS34 - Nuclear Substances & Radiation Devices License

HS35 - Radiation Dosimetry Reports

HS36 - Radiation Monitoring

HS37 - Radioisotope Permits

HS39 - X-Ray Permits

Occupational Health & Safety

HS40 - Activities/Events Risk Management

HS41 - Asbestos Worker Reports

HS42 - Confined Space Entries

HS44 - Designated Substances Inventory

HS45 - Environmental Hygiene

HS47 - Health & Safety Assessments

HS48 - Health & Safety Committees

HS49 - Health & Safety Reviews

HS50 - Health & Safety Training Materials

HS52 - Injury/Accident Reports

HS55 - Material Safety Data Sheets

HS58 - Work/Education Placement Forms

HS60 - Workplace Inspections

HS62 - Workplace Safety & Insurance Administration

HS63 - Workplace Safety & Insurance Claims

Security & Law Enforcement

HS74 - Liquor Seizure Forms

HS76 - Special Constable Incident/Occurrence Case Files

HS78 - Special Constables' Notebooks

HS80 - Special Constable Voice Communications

HS82 - Provincial Offences

HS83 - Public Complaints

HS85 - Surveillance Video-recordings

HS88 - Trespass Notices