Directory of Information Stewards

The University's information stewards are the senior administrators with overall responsibility for a functional area of University administration (e.g., finance, human resources), who therefore also have overall responsibility for the University records created and used in these areas of administration.

Each WatClass records retention schedule lists the information stewards for the information within its scope.

Information stewards provide strategic oversight of information/records management and compliance with Policy 46 – Information Management. Operational information management & decision-making are the responsibility of the University's information custodians. The roles and responsibilities of information stewards, information custodians, information users, and information service providers are defined in Policy 46.

Information Steward

Responsible for Administrative Information In These Areas:

University Secretary

  • Governance records
  • University policies and guidelines

Vice-President, Administration & Finance

  • Financial and physical resources management
  • Human resource records
  • Centrally administered IT systems, services, and infrastructure
  • University risk management and internal audit
  • Safety and security
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Real estate development

Vice-President, Advancement

  • Advancement (fundraising)
  • Alumni relations

Vice-President, University Relations

  • Marketing and strategic communications
  • Government relations
  • Community relations and events

Vice-President, Research & International

  • Research administration and commercialization

Associate Provost, Integrated Planning & Budgeting

  • University budget

Associate Vice-President, Academic

  • Undergraduate academic program reviews and quality assurance
  • Non-credit studies and student records

Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Affairs

  • Graduate admissions, enrolment, student records,and financial aid
  • Graduate program reviews and quality assurance
  • Graduate studies calendar

Associate Vice-President, Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion matters
  • Conflict management and human rights

Associate Provost, Co-operative and Experiential Education

  • Co-operative education and professional development

Associate Provost, Institutional Data, Analysis & Planning

  • Institutional research and analysis
  • Strategic planning and accountability

Associate Provost, Students

  • Student services records

Faculty Deans: Arts, Engineering, Environment, Health, Mathematics, Science

  • Academic program development & administration
  • Accreditation of academic programs by professional bodies
  • Student academic support; student discipline

University Librarian

  • Library resources and patron information


  • Undergraduate admissions, enrolment, student records, and financial aid
  • Undergraduate calendar