Records Classification and Retention Schedules

WatClass is the approved classification scheme and retention schedules for University of Waterloo records, described in the "Information Lifecycle Management" section of Policy 46 - Information Management. WatClass is organized by University functions and activities, rather than by the organizational units that create and maintain them, to ensure that similar records are managed in a similar manner by all organizational units.

Employees and other interested members of the University community should review the Introduction to the University of Waterloo Records Classification and Retention Schedules (WatClass)

WatClass is still under development. Contact the University Records Manager for assistance with managing records which are not yet covered by a WatClass retention schedule. Draft retention schedules which have not yet been finalized and approved are added to this website as aids for classifying records and to make them available for review and comment. These are highlighted as "Draft - Pending Approval". Your input is invited on these draft retention schedules: please address questions or comments to  Chris Halonen, University Records Manager.

The WatClass Updates page describes current plans for WatClass revisions and updates.

WatClass organizes university records into 12 functional categories:


Campus Services

University Relations & Advancement



Health, Safety, & Security

Human Resources

Information Management & Technology

Property & Facilities

Research Management

Teaching & Learning