Records relating to the management of the University as a whole, and of its constituent units and departments

Please Note: records of Faculty councils and their committees are now classified as Governance (GV) rather than Administration (AD) records. Please see GV50 - Faculty Councils & Committees for the draft records retention schedule to replace AD35, Faculty Council By-Laws, Constitutions, and Terms of Reference, and AD37, Faculty Council/Committee Meetings.

AD10 - Program & Service Management  (*DRAFT* - Pending Approval)

AD15 - Office Management & Support  (*DRAFT* - Pending Approval)

AD20 - Administrative Committees

AD30 - Planning & Review (*DRAFT* - Pending Approval)

AD40 - Policies, Procedures & Guidelines (*DRAFT* - Pending Approval)

AD45 - Organization (*DRAFT* - Pending Approval)

AD50 - Institutional Risk Management

  • Records of the unit’s involvement in the University risk management, internal audit, and statutory compliance programs.

AD55 - Insurance

  • Records of the University's insurance program and claims brought by or against the University concerning reimbursement for losses or payment for damages.

AD60 – Legal Advice & Services

  • Legal opinions and advice from in-house and external legal counsel, and associated services provided by in-house counsel.

AD65 - Notarized Documents, Sworn Affidavits and Declarations

AD70 - Legal Proceedings

  • Records relating to legal proceedings.

AD80 – Contracts & Agreements

  • Contracts and agreements relating to the operation and development of the University.

AD90 - Intellectual Property Rights Management

  • Records of the University’s intellectual property (IP) rights, their protection and management.