Offsite Commercial Records Storage

The University maintains an account, managed by the University Records Manager, with the records storage provider, Iron Mountain. University offices and research units experiencing a shortage of storage space for paper records no longer needed for current work may be interested in moving these records to commercial storage until the end of their retention period.

Program Highlights

  • Each participating unit is able to manage its own stored records (e.g., review their inventory of stored records, order supplies, arrange records pickups and retrievals, etc.) through Iron Mountain’s secure web-accessible information system.
  • Iron Mountain will securely shred the records at the end of their retention period.

Program Requirements

  • Units are responsible for the cost of their storage and associated services provided by Iron Mountain.
  • Units interested in sending University records to commercial storage should first discuss with the University Records Manager whether this is an appropriate solution for the records, based on their records classification and retention periods. In particular, transitory records should not be sent to commercial storge.
  • Records stored with Iron Mountain should have a defined retention period (i.e., you must know how long they must be kept by the University) and a low anticipated retrieval rate (i.e., you expect to recall them from storage infrequently, if ever). While the monthly storage cost for a box of records is relatively low, the cost of recalling a box from storage and then having it returned to storage is many times higher than the storage charge.

For More Information

Please contact the University Records Manager for more information.