University Records Management in 5 Steps is the University's records management manual, guiding employees in their management of the University's administrative information.

The University Records Retention Schedules (WatClass) document requirements for retaining information found in statutes, regulations, University policies, and other sources, and the units with primary responsibility for keeping different classes of information for the University. WatClass is not yet complete, so questions concerning University records not yet documented in WatClass should be directed to the University Records Manager.

University Records Management in 5 Steps, Step 5, Dispose of Records describes how and why we should document the disposal of information: this is our evidence that we meet the requirements for retaining information as part of our normal administrative routines.

In managing collections of scholarly works, published materials, and archives, the most significant compliance requirements concern respecting the rights of intellectual property rights holders. See Policy 73 - Intellectual Property Rights and the Copyright at Waterloo page for more information.

Information management support, educational resources & training

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