Privacy & Confidentiality

Confidential information safeguards

Policy 46 Appendix A and the Managing student information for Faculties, Academic Departments and Schools guideline describe how student information is managed, protected, and shared within the University and with external agencies.

The Information & Privacy website provides guidance for safeguarding and appropriate sharing of confidential information.​​

The Campus Wellness Privacy Policy page describes the management and safeguarding of personal health information by the University's health care practitioners.

Policy 17 - Quotations and Tenders, section 11, "Handling, Storing and Maintaining Suppliers' Confidential and Commercially Sensitive Information" governs the University's treatment of commercially sensitive information provided by suppliers.

IST's Information Security Services (ISS) provides guidance on securing computer systems, desktops, and laptops used for managing confidential, including:

IST's Guidelines for secure data exchange should be followed by all employees when sharing electronic information.