Records of the monitoring and reconciliation of endowment and pension fund activity and performance.

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Content & Scope

The University's endowments and pension funds are managed by an external fund custodian and investment managers with oversight by the Board Finance & Investment Committee and Pension & Benefits Committee.

These records are comprised of the regular reports on fund activity and performance supplied to the University by the fund custodian and investment managers. The records include the fund custodian's monthly statements of the funds' assets and transactions; and the investment managers' compliance statements, quarterly reviews, monthly valuation statements (portfolio reports), and proxy voting reports; and related correspondence.

Related Records

  • For the records of the Board of Governors Pension & Benefits Committee and Finance & Investment Committee, see GV20 – Board of Governors Committees.
  • For records relating to the administration of endowments see FN50 – Endowment Files.
  • For records relating to the registration, provisions, and management of the University pension plans, see HR74 – Pension Plan Management.

Responsible Unit

  • Finance.
  • Human Resources.
  • Secretariat.

Information Steward

Vice President, Administration & Finance.

Information Confidentiality Classification



    7 years.


    For reports that cumulate, retain all reports for 2 years and the year end cumulation for a further 5 years.




    • Investment Guidelines: University of Waterloo Endowment Fund.
    • Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures for the University of Waterloo Pension Plan.

    Retention Rationale

    The retention period is based on accounting and audit requirements.

    Approval Date

    14 April 2010