HS15 – Fire Incidents & Inspections

Records of fire investigations and fire safety inspections.

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Content & Scope

This records class includes investigations of fire alarms and fire occurrences as well as fire safety inspections of University premises as provided for under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997.

The records include fire alarm reports, fire investigation reports, inspection orders, fire inspection reports, notices of violation, records of corrective action, and related correspondence.

Responsible Unit

Safety Office.

Information Steward

Vice-President, Administration & Finance.

Information Confidentiality Classification



2 years after last action on case, except that the records of significant fire occurrences are retained indefinitely.


Secure Destruction.


Responsible Units should document the disposal/destruction of official records using the University records destruction form or equivalent documentation, to verify that we are following our records retention rules.


Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997, part VI.

Retention Rationale

The retention period is based on operational use.

Approval Date

19 December 2011