Records of awards given by the University to faculty, staff, and student employees in recognition of job performance or long service.

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Content & Scope

The awards include, for example, distinguished teaching awards, and service awards.

This records class excludes the award of honorary titles under the terms of reference of Senate Honorary Degrees Committee and its subcommittee the Honorary Member of the University Committee.

The records include nominations and submissions, records of adjudicating committees, ballots, lists and profiles of recipients, and related correspondence.

Related Records

  • Notices of receipt of an award or honour may be included in the individual's employment file.
  • For records of Senate Honorary Degrees/Honorary Member of the University Committee, see GV40 – Senate Committees and Councils.

Responsible Unit

  • Human Resources.
  • Offices responsible for award adjudicating committees.

Information Steward

Associate Provost, Human Resources.

Information Confidentiality Classification



  • Committee records, successful nominations/applications: 10 years after selection process complete.
  • Ballots and unsuccessful nominations/applications: 1 year after completion of selection process.


Nominations for some awards, such as distinguished teaching awards, may remain open and under consideration by the adjudicating committee for an extended period of time beyond the year of the initial submission, to allow for additional supporting submissions from members of the University community. The retention period for these records begins when the adjudicating committee determines that the nomination is closed to further consideration.


Archives Selection.

Records which are not selected for the University archives should be securely destroyed at the end of their retention period.

Archival Records

The records of some adjudicating committees may be of long-term historical value to the University. Please contact the University Records Manager for assistance with these records at the end of their retention period. Records of long-term historical value to the University will be selected by the Library Special Collections & Archives department.

Retention Rationale

The retention period is based on operational use. Some records may have long-term historical value.

Other Units with Copies

Adjudicating committee members.

Retention of Copies

Until selection process has been completed.

Disposition of Copies

Secure Destruction.

Approval Date

26 October 2011