HR55 – Pay Scales

Annual pay scales for employees in the University support group.

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Content & Scope

Adjustments to the USG pay scales are recommended to the Vice-President Academic & Provost through the Provost's Advisory Committee on Staff Compensation. Pay scales are normally adjusted annually.

Related Records

  • For the records of the Provost's Advisory Committee on Staff Compensation, see AD20 –  Administrative Committee Meetings.
  • Pay scales for unionized staff are included in the Union Agreement between The University of Waterloo and The Canadian Union of Public Employees C.L.C. Local 793 and for faculty in the Memorandum of Salary Settlement between The University of Waterloo and the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo (see HR40 – Employee Group Agreements).

Responsible Unit

Human Resources.

Information Steward

Vice-President, Administration & Finance.

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Until operational use ceases.



Please contact the University Records Manager for assistance with these records at the end of their retention period.


Policy 5 –  Salary Administration, University Support Staff

Retention Rationale

The retention period is based on operational use. These records have long-term historical value.

Approval Date

26 October 2011