TL05 – Academic Calendars

The University’s undergraduate and graduate calendars.

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Content & Scope

The graduate and undergraduate calendars provide official information about academic courses, programs, plans, and related policies and regulations, as well as general information about the University. Graduate and undergraduate calendars are a component of the contractual agreement between the student and the University. The course listings and academic programs/plans described in the calendars represent Senate-approved requirements and electives for completion of degree or certificate requirements.

Responsible Unit

  • Registrar’s Office.
  • Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs.

Information Steward

  • Registrar, for undergraduate calendar.
  • Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs, for graduate calendar.

Information Confidentiality Classification



25 years.


A copy of the calendars published in paper is also retained in the Library.




University of Waterloo Act, 1972.

Retention Rationale

Since students are governed by the regulations for their academic program at the time they commence studies in that program, calendars must be retained at least until all students governed by it have graduated. The calendars have ongoing historical value.

Approval Date

26 July 2010