TL15 – Graduate Program Review

Records of quality reviews of the University's graduate programs.

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Content & Scope

Academic program cyclical reviews, reviews of new programs and reporting of program major modifications are carried out under the University’s Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP). The review cycle is normally 7 years. Some graduate and undergraduate programs may be reviewed together (augmented reviews).

The records include self-study reports, appraisal briefs, review team/consultants' reports, responses, chairs/directors' and Deans' reports outlining future strategies, follow-up reports where required, decisions, and related correspondence.

Related Records

For records related to review of undergraduate degree programs, see TL18 – Undergraduate Program Review.

Responsible Unit

  • Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs.
  • Associate Vice-President, Academic (for some augmented reviews).

Information Steward

  • Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs.

Information Confidentiality Classification

  • Public: reports intended for public release.
  • Confidential: all other records.


Until the next review cycle is complete.




  • OCGS By-Laws and Procedures Governing Appraisals.
  • Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance Framework.
  • University of Waterloo. Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP).

Retention Rationale

The retention period is based on operational use. These records also have long-term historical value.

Approval Date

26 July 2010