ST60 – Diplomas & Certificates [DRAFT]

Records of the design and production of the University’s diplomas and certificates.

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Content & Scope

The records include examples of diplomas and certificates, templates of diploma formats and signatories, and diploma production files.

Related Records

  • For records of convocation, see UR20 – Convocation.
  • For alumni requests for duplicate/replacement diplomas, see ST70 – Requests for Student Information.
  • For student requests for duplicate/replacement diplomas, see ST80 – Student Services.

Responsible Unit

Registrar’s Office.

Information Steward


Information Confidentiality Classification



  • Templates: Permanent.
  • Diploma production files: 5 years.


Secure Destruction.


Responsible Units should document the disposal/destruction of official records using the University records destruction form or equivalent documentation, to verify that we are following our records retention rules.

Retention Rationale

The retention period is based on operational use.

Under Review Date

23 October 2020

Previous Version

26 July 2010

(This records retention schedule replaces ST40 – Diplomas & Certificates)