Rosewood Vineyard

Live Site Weather Data

Photo of EC tower and precipitation gauge

Project Overview

In summer of 2020, we launched the first Eddy Covariance Flux measurements in two Ontario vineyards, in collaboration with Rosewood Estate Winery and Meadery.  Our aim is to study how extreme weather events, such as heat waves, cold snaps and drought, impact the water use efficiency of grape vines in Niagara’s wine-producing region.  This project is part of Agricultural Water Futures (AWF) Program. The goal of AWF is to improve current and future agricultural water sustainability.  As such, AWF is part of a National research program, called Global Water Futures, which aims to position Canada as a global leader in water science for cold regions and will address the strategic needs of the Canadian economy in adapting to change and managing risks of uncertain water futures and extreme events.  Data collected at Rosewood will help us meet the goals and aims of the above-mentioned research projects and inform the research program.



Rosewood estate winery has two vineyards that we study, one on the Beamsville Bench and the other on the Twenty Mile Bench.  Both vineyards are dominated by clay soils, but experience unique microclimates due to their elevation differences. The Twenty Mile Bench site is located at a slightly higher elevation and as a result experiences a somewhat cooler climate compared to the Beamsville Bench site. More information about the sites can be found here.  And current weather conditions at the sites, from our research towers, can be found following the link provided at the top of this page.


Variables measured

Air temperature and relative humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation, air pressure, net solar radiation, incoming solar radiation, ground heat flux, soil temperature and soil moisture (10, 20, 40 and 60 cm depths),  water vapour and carbon dioxide fluxes, vine height and width, leaf area index.


Project staff

Technicians: Adam Green and Eric Kessel

Researchers: Myroslava Khomik


Project contact Info

For more information about this project or if you would like to collaborate with us, please feel free to email Professor Petrone (rich.petrone(at) or his research associate, Dr. Myroslava Khomik (mkhomik(at)


EC tower and equipment in a vineyard