Physics Undergraduate Club

Head hurting after thermophysics? Feeling spaced out and lost in astrophysics? Do you just need a break? Then come out to Physics Undergraduate Club (PhysClub), the University of Waterloo's official physics undergraduate club, open to all science students!

Located on the first floor of the Science Teaching Complex in Room 1036 (within the clubs' hallway), PhysClub offers full use of our lounge, which itself has multiple couches and chairs for sitting around.

Gustav the Astrophysicist
PhysClub is proud to offer multiple events throughout the year, including the traditional student-professor night. We also have a termly student publication called Dark Matter! It's one of the few places on campus where members are just as comfortable talking about things on an incredibly small scale as they are on a huge, galactic scale!

Note: Please obey Newton's laws while within PhysClub.