Resume Help

Your resume is a key document used to apply to jobs during the co-op process, and later on in life. 

Building your resume in Science

This video presentation was made by an experienced Centre for Career Action (CCA) career advisor, specifically for a course in the Faculty of Science. As you find yourself building your resume for the co-op process, be sure to check out some of the key takeaways and tricks mentioned during the presentation!

To supplement the presentation, here are some additional skill and achievement verbs that you may find useful in building your resume. 

Resume Bank

This resume bank is available to all undergraduate students. It is to be used to help students reference personal resumes made by Faculty of Science students when making their own. While the resumes that are submitted are looked over by a member of the Science Society, we are not responsible for how you decide to use the resumes. 

The resume bank may be accessed here.

In order to submit a resume to the resume bank, please anonymize your resume and check over all of its details. You can submit your resume here

For submitting your resume, you are allowed to enter an optional draw for the Winter 2020 term. The prize is a gift card valued at $20 of the winners' choices. While submitting your resume gives you one submission (even if you submit it multiple times), you may garner more draw submissions by submitting your cover letter. The winner will be selected after April 14, 2020. Please reach out to the VP Academic if you have any further questions.