Frequently Asked Questions

Where is SciSoc located?

SciSoc is located in the Science Teaching Complex building on the ground floor. The room number is STC 1023. Please stop by for a visit!

How do I become a member of SciSoc?

If you are a full-time science student then you are already a member! Every science student pays a $12 fee as part of their tuition. As long as you haven't claimed a refund you are a Science Society member and welcome to participate in any and all events. If you are not a full-time science student, or a member of another faculty you are welcome to join our society by paying the $12 Science Society fee.

How can I get involved in SciSoc?

There are many ways to get involved with the Science Society. You can sign up to be an office representative or volunteer in the Coffee and Donut Shop (CnD). You can apply to be a director for one of our various committees, or join a committee to help plan and/or promote SciSoc events. Finally, feel free to just come hang out in one of the lounges and find out what we are all about.

What clubs are part of SciSoc?

SciSoc has seven subsidiary Departmental Clubs, and one affiliated Federation of Student's (FEDS) Club. The Departmental Clubs are:

For more information visit the clubs page. The affiliated FEDS Club is the Biomedical Science Student Association (BMSA), which holds a non-voting seat on the Society Board of Directors and maintains a close working relationship with the other Departmental Clubs. 

Where are the computer labs located?

Science computing has compiled a list of all of the undergraduate computer labs. Visit the labs page for more details.

How can I post posters in science buildings?

In order to post posters, you must get them approved and stamped by an Office Representative in the Science Society office. Simply drop by during our office hours. Posters need to follow SciSoc poster policies.

How many posters can I post?

Up to 25 posters for all six buildings. Don't worry, this will definitely be enough to catch the attention of students!

Where do I sign up for grad photos?

Our designated photographer is New School Photography. In order to be on the composites, you must take your photos with them. Visit the New School Photography to make an appointment.

What should I wear (for grad photos)?

The colour of the sash for Science grads is blue so dress according to your taste. A white shirt is the safest way to go and the gown is provided for you. If you are a guy, a tie is appropriate. Don’t forget to smile!

Do you have an exam bank?

No, we do not. We use to have a collection of old midterms and exams available to students in the past. However, we no longer have any copies in the SciSoc office or online.