Earth Sciences Undergraduate Society

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We are the Earth and Environmental Undergraduate club (Watrox) of Waterloo. We are open to all science students and new members are always welcome regardless of their program. Most students that frequent Watrox are upper year Earth or Environmental Science students who are more than happy to provide help and advice along with our collection of textbooks and rock samples. Our club room is fully equipped with a sink, utensils, a fridge, two microwaves, two French presses, a projector, four couches, ample study space and more!

Throughout the year we hold a variety of events such as rock climbing, camping, bowling and trivia, so feel free to stop by anytime! We are in the Center for Environmental Information and Technology (EIT) room 1017, right behind the large dinosaur skeleton (the albertosaurus) and the cave bear skeleton!

Join us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter (@watrox1017) or feel free to email our presidents! Contact us by email at